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  • Today, we are excited to announce that Windows Protocol Test Suites 1.0 are now released on GitHub!

    Protocol Test Framework 1.0 (Build 1.0.5000.0) is required before you install Windows Protocol Test Suites 1.0 for windows protocol interoperability testing.

    Below is a summary of features of Windows Protocol Test Suites 1.0.

    File Server Family

    File Server Family Protocol Test Suite is to provide interoperability testing for the File Server Family Protocols including [MS-SMB2], [MS-SWN], [MS-FSRVP], [MS-DFSC], [MS-FSA], [MS-RSVD] and [MS-SQOS]. It mainly contains below test cases:

    * The test cases that cover SMB dialect 2.002 to 3.1.1 and contain features: Negotiate, Session management, Tree management, Create Close, Lease, Oplock, Durable Handle, Persistent Handle, Resilient Handle, Credit, Encryption, Signing, AppInstanceId, Replay, Authentication&Authorization, Server Failover.

    * The test cases that cover the algorithm operations described in [MS-FSA].

    * The test cases that cover all messages of [MS-SWN] version 1 and 2, [MS-SQOS] dialect 1.0 and 1.1, [MS-FSRVP] and [DFSC], including basic and negative cases.

    * The test cases that cover most of the messages of [MS-RSVD] version 1 and 2, including basic test cases.


    SMB1 Server Test Suite covers 20 SMB operations out of 23 SMB operations documented by [MS-SMB], [MS-FSCC] and [MS-CIFS].

    RDP Client Family

    RDP Client Family Test Suite is to provide interoperability testing for client implementation of RDP family protocols including [MS-RDPBCGR], [MS-RDPEDISP], [MS-RDPEDYC], [MS-RDPEGFX], [MS-RDPEGT], [MS-RDPEI], [MS-RDPEMT], [MS-RDPEUDP], [MS-RDPEUSB], [MS-RDPEVOR] and [MS-RDPRFX], covering basic and negative scenarios. 

    You can see diagram below for the test suite architecture of above three test suites.


    Protocol Test Manager

    Protocol Test Manager (PTM) is a UI tool to help you configure and run test cases. This version supports both File Server and RDP test suites. It mainly contains below features:

    * Support Command Line interface.

    * Support HTML format test suite logs.

    * Support saving and loading Visual Studio playlist file.

    * Support exporting plain text test report.

    * Support zip archive for PTM profile.

    You can see a sample page of PTM in the diagram below. For detailed information, please check the test suite user guide.

    Your feedback and contribution are highly important to us and we want to work together with you to build a strong ecosystem!

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016 8:45 AM