Looking for documentation on palm rejection with capacitive pen RRS feed

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  • Hi, I'm currently trying to build an app to allow people to mark up pdfs with drawing tools. I've looked around for software that enables palm rejection on my app without using an active pen by detecting the difference between a palm and a pen, but couldn't seem to find any. Then I tried using windows 10 on onenote and Autodesk sketchbook, first resting my palm on the display, then writing with a capacitive pen, and it worked perfectly. Is there publicly available documentation or code to see how the windows ink, touch, and tablet pc team accomplished this?

    Edit: I should add that this palm rejection only seems to occur on my 2 in 1 tablet pc that has an active pen registered to it, although a capacitive pen on this device also features palm rejection. My 2 in 1 tablet without an active pen registered to it does not feature palm rejection with the capacitive pen that works with the other device. Does anyone know why this would be so? Is it because palm rejection is only enabled if an active pen has been used in the past, even though the palm rejection works with capacitive pens as well or some other reason?

    Saturday, May 18, 2019 2:13 AM