Deciphering an "clr20r3" event in Event Viewer RRS feed

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  • Good day all,

    The following is a .NET Runtime Error Reporting event I get while running an application written in VB (VS 2005 SP1). The error never occurs on the dev stations, only the machines the application is being deployed on. This Event 5000 seems to be a common error, and the fix is to debug, I know and I will, but I wanted to know what the information in the event means (specifically, what P1, P2, P3 ..., P10 mean); can't find it anywhere online. Also, the codes surely mean something. Is there a lookup table somewhere for them? Thanks.

    EventType clr20r3, 
    P1 fmkioskapp.exe, <-- Obviously the app name.
    P2 1.0.3125.33444, <-- I'm guessing it's the app version.
    P3 4888efba, <-- ??
    P4 microsoft.visualbasic, <-- Obviously the dev language
    P5, <-- The dev language version
    P6 4333d6d8, <-- ??
    P7 5e, <-- ??
    P8 1fb, <-- ??
    P9 34ssps20bdj3nj0wmit5kamzhvglfzcc, <-- ??
    P10 NIL. <-- ??

    Saturday, July 26, 2008 3:32 PM