Front End not reflecting previously deleted entry while entering into Staging table RRS feed

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  • Lets say I have table named 'Sales' as my Source. It contains columns Sal_ID and Sal_DESC

    There is Front End Entity created as Master Sales in Model Project. According staging table in database is ' stg.Sales_Leaf '.

    Now, I have entered data into stg.Sales_Leaf from Sales table for 'CODE' and 'NAME' value as Sal_ID and Sal_DESC, and my ImportType is '0'.

    As Sales table contains 23 rows, these are imported to stg.Sales_Leaf with ImportType '0'.

    I am able to see it in Front End also.

    Problem starts now. I delete some rows from Front END directly which contains CODE value  as 22 and 23.

    These gets deleted from Front End View, but now again I load Same 23 rows to stg.Sales_Leaf with same data (after truncating it).

    I should be able to see 23 records in Front End, but it is showing only 21 records.

    Two records with CODE value as 22 and 23 are not reflecting in Fornt End.

    I think it is because 'mdm.<table_code>' table associated with stg.Sales_Leaf, is reflecting Status_ID as 2.

    Please provide the way, how can I get data reflected in Front End.

    Saturday, June 28, 2014 9:41 AM