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    we have developed a COM-Server that was developed under Win XP SP3 and works find in this environment. But then we tried to deploy the application on a Win 2008 32Bit Server. On that OS, the creation of a COM-instance works fine. The first few method calls work as well. But at some point, the COM client shows an RPC_E_SERVERFAULT (0x80010105) error. The server keeps running but seems to be in an unstable state. This never happened on Win Xp but is reproducable on Win 2008 Server. Then we tried that same server on Win 7 which also produces a similar error.

    I've found a similar questions in the forums of people who had problems migrating COM application from Win XP to Win Server, but unfortunately no solution that helped me. The COM server is running as Admin user. I tried debugging the application itself with no luck. The application does not directly produce an error. Then I used the Windows Debugger and set a breakpoint on an unhandled exception and was presented with an Access Violation but could find the cause for that.

    Is there any known issue with COM on Win Server 2008? Is there a way to fix it or at least to debug it properly? Are there real standalone COM debugging tools? I read that an SEH handler is wrapped around RPC calls that catch all exceptions. Is there a way to get more verbose output?


    Thursday, April 19, 2012 7:50 AM