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  • I'm looking for a code example that uses a standard windows dialogue box to allow the user to select a file.  I'm sure it’s out there I just can't find it.


    I've tried keywords in the help files but, everything I think of is so generic, everything comes up, including the instructions in selecting an existing project or starting a new one.


    Is there a way to navigate the help file intelligently?  I'm sure everything is in there but I'm just not finding it.


    For example:


    Let’s say I would like some examples on storing string defaults.  Say I select a file, and I want it to remember what file I selected, the next time the application is opened.  I'm sure an ugly way would be to write it to a file in a specific directory, maybe find a method of finding the directory the executable resides in and put it there, but I'm looking for more of a best practice - examples on storing recently used file info into the registry would be helpful.  (Yes I realize there are lots of whys and whens to consider here [deployment, installation, uninstallation], but, I would like to just jump to some type of best practice example that answers all these questions)


    In the example above I would search for "string defaults", "registry", "program defaults"....  Obviously useless queries given the language used in the helpfile.  It is like, I just don't know what is out there.  Almost like I need to read the help file start to finish to find out how it is organized.... or something.


    So, any advise for finding information in the help files would be greatly appreciated.







    Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:45 PM