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  • SQL SERVER 2008 (tried sp1, sp2, & sp3; seems to make no difference)

    Report Viewer 10

    Asp.Net framework 4.0 sp1, C#

    Web application, being viewed in IE9


    We've had SQL Reports/Report Viewer in production for about 2 years in a commercial web app. As of IE9, the rendering of the report and handling of it within the report viewer changed drastically from our prior experience. Thus, our once very nice looking functional app has suddenly turned into a something that looks amatuerish ... to be kind about it. I need to fix this before our next release, and I was hoping someone had encountered at least some of these issues before and had some hints.

    I first noticed the rendering problems in the venerable Report Viewer that we had been relying on. The major issue was a failure to respect the sizing of layouts, resulting in text wrapping and other undesired attempts by the renderer to display the report in a minimal shrunken space. I decided that this was most likely because the aging ReportViewer didn't support more recent browsers, and so upgraded to ReportViewer 10. This has fixed the original problem, but given me a whole new range of headaches.

    Things I've noticed so far:

    1) Extra white space in the header or footer of the report of any amount is not rendered as a larger header or footer with more white space, but is instead rendered as a frame with scroll bars. I can fix this by going back through the 40 or so reports and making sure that the header or footer never has more height than the largest control in it, but its still annoying.

    2) Embedded images, that is they are defined within the .rdl and not linked to some external resource, are not generally not rendered in reports. In the one case where the image is rendered (why?), it is handled differently than in prior reports resulting in part of the image being trimmed away and a different placement relative to the text in the text box.

    3) Report Viewer control/toolbar no longer expands to fit the container, even when directed to use a width of 100%.

    4) Report Viewer control seemingly randomly resizes itself, often shrinking to contain a report once ansynchronous rendering finishes. This is particularly wierd because not only do two different reports (say a 8.5"x10" and a 10"x8.5" landscaped report) differ in screen real estate, but two different reports with the same properties (8.5"x10" page sizes) are displayed using a differing number of pixels.

    5) The Report Viewer control seemingly randomly resizes itself when paginating through a report, growing or shrinking depending on the contents of the report.

    6) The Report Viewer control no longer respects the page width and whole page options from the zoom drop down, and does not properly handle zoom at all especially when zooming 'in' (150% or 200%).

    Can anyone explain one or more of these issues to me, preferably with some sort of fix or work around. I'm not tied to ReportViewer 10, and would happily go back to 9 if someone knows how to get it to work in IE9, but I am tied to IE as most of our clients use it and for the sake of consistancy we have advised them that this is our preferred platform. Going to Firefox or Chrome or something therefore isn't a solution, even if it were to render better.

     Any help would be appreciated.

    Friday, November 18, 2011 2:09 PM

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  • 7) Even when the report header and report footer have no extra white space, scroll bars will appear and the report header and footer will be rendered too large when the report is paged through.

    8) If a column of a table is sortable, occassionally vertical and horizontal scroll bars will appear in the column header. 

    9) Spurious non-functional scrollbar images/overlays occassionally appear appended to table cells within the table where the text has wrapped.  Not all of them mind you, but occasionally.


    5b) As an addendum to #5 above, the changing size does not seem to in any way relate to the contents of the page, as a report with repeating elements on separate pages does not maintain a constant size between any two elements.

    Oddly, with the exception of the images being unrendered, these problems do not appear in Mozilla Firefox.   So we actually have a case here of Microsoft not supporting its own product as well as a competitors product does.

    Friday, November 18, 2011 4:13 PM