Who's security is microsoft most concerned about? Mine, or the hacker that now has control of my account? RRS feed

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  •   In a 3 month period, I have talked with "tech support" 8 times.  7 times they have sent me off to links that don't work, forms to fill out, webpages temporarily down, and 7 rejections from the "tech support team" because there's not enough of MY information left on the hotmail account to prove it's me.

      Microsoft boosts about being #1 in customer security, but  who's security are they really protecting in this situation?   Mine or the hacker's?

      The hacker attached itself to my account, sent out spam and my account was blocked.  Started going through the reset process and noticed that the reset link was being sent to the hacker as well.  I called microsoft... asked that that addy be removed from my account before sending the reset link,  Microsoft said they couldn't until I got control of my account.  So microsoft sent the link to both of us...and the hacker got there first. 

    Microsoft failed in protecting my security by NOT removing the address I requested before sending out the link for my reset.

      This is what gets me.... I don't think a hacker would call tech support repetedly for help, go through numerous steps to retreive the account, fill out form after form, wait for a reply to be rejected and told to reapply.

      I have had this account for 15 years or more... all my personal info is in there... personal folders, bank, creditcards, contacts, business, etc.  So far... Microsoft has refused to gain me access to my account, or close that account down.  The HACKER has control of my personal information Microsoft!! 

      I can't access my account because you sent the hacker my link, he got in there and changed everything, now, I can't prove the account belongs to me, but you'll allow the hacker to use it, and all my personal information in it..... where's the security here?

      I've been told to just start another account... What??  The hacker remains controller of my account, my personal information.. and that's what you tell me?  I need some REAL help.  Phone numbers, email addys... something other than the round and round, links to pages that don't work, and catch 22's I've been getting.  I need to speak to people that can push the buttons to fix this.

      Replies please.... Thanks



    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 10:53 PM