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  • A new version of my application had just been failed on certification because the tester says the play/pause is failing to function when the app is playing background audio.  The previous version of the app, which was certified and is in the store, has identical code for handling background audio (the updates in the new version were around a different feature and I can md5 the js files for my audio controls and get the same results).

    We've been extensively testing internally and can't find anywhere the controls break.  In addition to play/pause, the stop button and prev/next track also function correctly in our testing.  How do I get more information out of Microsoft's testers on exactly how it broke?  At this point, I'm just planning to resubmit and hope I get a different tester...


    After more testing we've managed to repro one possible case but it appears to be a global problem that all apps with background audio are displaying.

    On a fresh development install, one that runs the command line installer as opposed to installing from the store, if the first thing you do is play music, then minimize to the old style desktop with no application in focus, the play pause button fails to function.  We've repro'd this bug in XBOX Music, "Bollywood Music" and "Album Flow".  It doesn't matter what app you install or run.  Just do a dev install of any app you have, then run any app that has background audio capability, minimize that app to desktop, and hit the play/pause button.

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