Music from Prime Numbers

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed before - did a quick search for this subject but nothing found.

    So... Have a look at

    A quick experiment after I saw a prime number generating Sub on the web somewhere. Dirty code, I know! But lots of comments!

    The mind loves patterns, audio and visual. Primes are random.

    Listen to this, your ears might disagree! Use a good pair of headphones or decent speakers. Give it a chance to run a while. There are repeating patterns and groups of patterns.

    Eight octaves, 56 notes, are exceeded by the variables in this experiment but it's good for numbers up to around 4000 before dropouts become too distasteful. Perhaps someone might want to clean it up and allow for higher numbers

    Need 1920 x 1080 min resolution on your screen or change the code to fit

    Please copy the code to your installation of Small Basic, it doesn't work on the listing page

    Sunday, March 19, 2017 9:51 PM