Getting exception in Datafactoy-V2 while ingesting data from SAP ECC using ODATA service into Azure Data lake


  • I am using Azure Datafactory V2 to ingest SAP ECC data into Azure Data Lake using Azure SAP ECC Connector. SAP ECC connector uses ODATA service as url. whenever we try to ingest data using it then ODATA queries which brings small data around 10 MB in size get ingested successfully but data having big size for example 57 MB, 171MB in size etc. not ingested and i get the following error:

    Error Message - Failure happened on 'Source' side. ErrorCode=UserErrorODataRequestTimeout,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=Fail to get response from odata service in a expected time. This can be caused by overload or inaccessible of odata service. Please check your odata service or reduce your request and retry.,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Runtime.ODataConnector,''Type=System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException,Message=A task was canceled.,Source=mscorlib,'

    Note: 1.  the ODATA service is private and we use Azure Integration runtime installed into the private network.

              2. i have also tried AZURE OData connector instead of Azure SAP ECC connector but having same issue in it.

    If any one give any pointer regarding the root cause of this or solution, i would be very thankful.

    Friday, October 12, 2018 4:14 AM

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  • Hi, Were you able to resolve this issue? If you weren't  can you please file a support request @ If you do not have access to a support plan, please reach out @ with a link to this Doc/Issue as well as your subscription ID and we can help get the support ticket opened for this issue.


    Alberto Vega

    Tuesday, October 16, 2018 8:43 PM
  • This is a known issue which has been fixed. Deployment is ongoing. 
    Tuesday, January 8, 2019 5:29 AM