trying to figure out why my univésal app isn't showing up as one


  • I submitted an app yesterday to both the Windows and windows phone Dev centers, associated them with the registered names, agreed to associate the app as a universal app. The WIndows Phone and WIndows store side show the same name as reserved and the windows phone dev center says

    "Your app can share the same identity across the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store. This means that a customer who has purchased the app in either Store will be able to download the app from the other Store without paying for it again, and your app can roam data between Windows and Windows Phone"

    So I think I did everything right.  however, neigh store shows it as a universal app (the little phone overlaying a tablet icon seen with other universal apps isn't shown) and there is nothing in Dev center to indicate if it is or not either.

    The app is 'WP developer training'. Its a simple video streaming app created in app studio and is my first windows store app, as well as my first windows phone 8.1 app. Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong, our how I might go about righting it.


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