Azure Stack Development Kit Hardware Configuration Considerations

    General discussion

  • Hello Azure Stack Community!

    I wanted to take a minute to explain a few things around hardware configurations that are compliant for Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK).

    Hardware configuration requirements are documented here:

    You will note that these requirements have not changed since TP1.

    In fact, we believe they are so important that we ask the customers to check them first with this script (before deployment): and then we do it again during deployment (as seen from the errors that customers see when running on HW that doesn’t meet the requirements).

    While Azure Stack community members can make various other configurations work, it does not mean that they are valid or validated scenarios. We want to make the one-node experience as close to possible to multi-node…which is the reason many of the requirements are in place.

    Furthermore, in order to "workaround" our requirements, usually some amount of change to the configuration is necessary. Modification of the configuration/setup/deployment/etc. in any way changes expected/known behavior. Because of this we will not be able to troubleshoot non-compliant configurations.

    All this said, we need to continue to hold the line on the process and requirements we have documented. It is the best chance for a positive evaluation experience with Azure Stack.

    BIG THANKS to all, for your enthusiasm, innovation and interest in the Azure Stack Development Kit!


    Charles Joy [MSFT]

    Thursday, August 31, 2017 11:00 PM