Fixed Columns on each page (when report fills horizontally more than one page) RRS feed

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    I want to create a Report, which is sometimes more than one page wide, and I try to find a way, to repeat some columns on each page, when the report is printed out or shown in print preview.


    For example:

    Page 1 (left): Time  Region  Values (eg. 1-8)

    Page 2 (right): Time Region otherValues (eg. 9-13)

    The time and region column on page 2 are the same columns/ data than in column 1/2 on page 1.


    Obviously, "fixed- columns" are not a regular requirement ... but than I don't understand, why the repeat of a row on each page is standard, why not the repeat of columns, if a report is more than one page wide?


    I really would be pleased to here, that I just didn't understand something and there is a way to realize my need.


    Thanks for any help in this topic





    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 10:12 AM