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  • I wrote this book in what now looks like the dawn of antiquity. I was on the Windows 95 development team at the time – C++ was still new, we still wrote the time critical parts in assembler, and Java was a word for coffee. It was a challenging world back then. Not better than today, not worse – but different challenges.

    I went back and looked at what I wrote. A lot of it is specific to C, C++, and assembler. Some of it is specific to the state of the industry at that time. And those parts will only be of interest to a few with a large degree of curiosity about that time. A bit more will be of interest to people still writing C++ in an unmanaged environment.

    But the first two chapters, those are still every bit as relevant today as they were when the book was written. I think most developers can be well served by reading this as it takes a philosophical look at how to write code with fewer bugs.

    You can download the entire book for free at No Bugs! You may forward the free copy to friends, post it on your own website, etc. Below is a short excerpt from chapters 1 & 2 if you want a peek before downloading.

    One interesting note, in chapter 2 it declares bugs should be called Massive F*** Ups. The use of the F word had to be approved by a Vice President at the publisher and I think to this day No Bugs! Remains the one programming book from a major publisher where the word appears.

    download No Bugs!
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