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    I have a following situation on production environment at the moment, all libraries are getting few duplicate fields.

    Contenttype feature has fields and contenttypes. Xml file on hard disk is ok, and also if i export the site level contenttype, all are ok. I also have a list template which is and has been ok in xml way.


    I updated my contenttype and list schemas while ago, and after that all lists created from template have double fields in contenttype. So the result is that two fields are duplicated in each contenttype at list level, but not in site level. This is causing some problems for example with infopanel. Also if i create basic ootb "document library" and add any on my updated contenttypes to it, it will have few fields doubled. This does not concern the lists created before contenttype update.

    I suspect that contenttype has double fields in database, and when i create lists, it reads the definition from DB and not from element-file.


    Question is that how do i say to sharepoint in safely manner (production environment) that "do not read contenttype schema from DB, use the element file instead" :)


    Thanks in advance.






    Thursday, April 21, 2011 5:45 AM

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