AppFabric service not sending events to monitoring database on Windows 7


  • I'm quite familiar with how AppFabric Server and how it's monitoring component fits together, but I'm absolutely stumped as to why monitoring events are not appearing in the monitoring database - this issue is only occurring on Windows 7 machines in our organisation, this issue does not exist on machines running Windows Server 2008.

    Setup: DB Server (with the AppFabric db components etc), a web server running Windows 7, a web server running Windows Server 2008. Both web servers are using the same DB server. The AppFabric Service is running under the same account on both machines. 

    As I mentioned before, logging is working fine when events are emitted from the Windows Server machine, in fact the Windows 7 machine can query these events through the AppFabric dashboard (which proves that the sql connection is ok on the Win7 machine). 

    No monitoring events are being logged through to the database when the Win7 machine is emitting events. There are no errors being logged event logs. I have run a SQL trace, and there is no traffic. I have reinstalled AppFabric multiple times with no luck. On the Win7 machine, I have changed the Stream Mode on the AppFabric collector to file, and the file is being populated which proves that the collector is picking up the events from ETW, however when it is set to Real Time (database), nothing is happening. 

    Is there a known update that would cause this behaviour, since if I install AppFabric on a clean instance of Win7, then all is well. However myself and several colleagues are having this issue on their machines (all of which are Win7). However our environments run Windows Server 2008 and there are no issues.... yet.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


    Monday, November 14, 2011 9:55 PM