access to app.publish\project.exe denied


  • Hello. First I'm running VS 2015 and Win 10 (1511) all up do date. Since yesterday I cannot build my project anymore; everything went fine before that. The error message is: "The file "obj\Debug\Project.exe" cannot be copied to "bin\Debug\app.publish\Project.exe". Access to path "bin\Debug\app.publish\Project.exe" has been denied" (translated from German; sorry for inaccuracies). I have tried everything I could found on this issure,excluding reinstalling Windows (checking permissions; resetting permisions both on the folder and on the partition, deleting the bin and obj folder; cleaned the project; there is no stuck process; antivirus is disabled; used a week old backup of the project on the C: directory and had the same Problem;....). I narrowed it down to this: something is blocking me from copying/creating any file named project.exe in the app.publish folder. I get permission errors then. But I can copy and create exe files that are named differently. So, for whatever reason I and VS are blocked from creating the needed exe file bearing the project name. This even blocks me from rebuilding the project. Any ideas?

    Thursday, November 26, 2015 2:17 PM