Can not extract nosql data from azure blob tables RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    So here is my problem. I have this azure storage which contains tables that contain nosql-schema less data. now i want to export that to formats like csv, excel to run query on them. Now my problem is when i export it with azure storage explorer it gives me a table which has all the columns fine except two columns (which has data in the form of an array) that shows nothing.

    so its in the form

    userid        redord       id        date             time             C1                            C2

    fine              fine        fine       fine            fine              [system_byte]         [system_byte]

    so as shown above these two columns are giving nothing but same text all the way.

    please help how i can extract real data from these azure storage tables

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017 10:13 PM

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  • What version of Azure Storage Explorer are you using? If you’re running an older version I suggest you try updating it to the latest version and export the table again and see if it helps. Also, could you try exporting the table using Visual Studio as described in this channel 9 video. Let us know how it goes.

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    Wednesday, June 21, 2017 4:54 AM