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  • What architecture should I use with WCF to make online web browser (for example silverlight) game with the following scenario:

    Game should be interactive, which means that I must use methods on server that will be called from clients, but I need events form server to be fired too, so I can notify clients about actions that happened. I suppose that I can implement events through callbacks, but I don`t now if i need second port opened then for wsDualHttp communication. If so, firewall may not let me through. another, bigger problem is: How to achieve that I have separated groups of gamers, so events that are firing from the server concernes just them? Example: poker is played on many tables. How to raise event that one player threw the card, and to notify other players but just on that table? Is instance management important in that case(single call, per session, singleton)?

    Conclusion: what binding to use for internet play? What architecture and instance management to use to achive events firing? How to sepparate events to groups of users? Is it possible with client server architecture or maybe peer to peer(but how peer to peer if i am using browser)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, July 16, 2010 7:53 AM