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    We are trying to build a development environment on Windows Server 2008 R2

    Are install order was as follows:

    1) Install IIS
    2) Install .Net 4.0

    3) Next I installed Visual Studio 2008.
     This install tells me I need to Install .Net 3.5 under the Roles Manager.
     And I do.
    4) Finally I install Visual Studio 2010.
    (I read this corrupts SPConfigInstaller.exe)
    I transfer my web site source files to the new server,
    create a Web Site in IIS to point to the files.

    Then I open up Visual Studio and go file -> new website,
    browse IIS and point to the new site I created in IIS and say
    "Open Existing Site".

    Everything is working good.

    Then I have one last thing I want to do.
    In IIS go to the Default Document feature and set my default doc
    like we've done for 100 years in IIS 6 and Windows Server 2003.
    But I get this dialog

    Line number: 254
    Error: The configuration section 'system.serviceModel' cannot be
    read because it is missing a section delaration.

    And it the top right corner I have an error that says:
    "Could not retrieve the default documents".

    The same thing happens for any feature I try to get to.
    If I try to go to ASP error logging, same thing:

    Line number: 254
    Error: The configuration section 'system.serviceModel' cannot be
    read because it is missing a section delaration.


    "Could not retrieve custom errors"

    So everything I read about system.serviceModel says this section depends on WCF.
    I now try to go back to Server Manager Features and under .Net Framework 3.5.1 which
    is already installed, I try to add WCF Activation.
    But this fails with all kinds of errors and and trying to remove fails with all kinds of erros also.

    The server then is dead and unusable.
    At that point I can't reach any sites in IIS.
    When I click on sites it gives the
    "Error: The configuration section 'system.serviceModel' cannot be
    read because it is missing a section delaration."
    error, but this time not for the web.config in the applicaiton,
    but the machine.config under framework64.

    Does anyone know how to get the WCF Activation Feature to install at this point?
    And is that even what causes the IIS features to be inaccessable?

    Also if someone can point me to a copy of the original SPConfigInstaller.exe file
    I read about I can replace it in Framework64 where the Visual Studio 2010 install overwrites
    and corrupts it.
    I think the WCF installation may depend on that original file.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011 3:47 PM

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    Okay, I think you have a few issues going on here. First why install 2 versions of Visual Studio? Just install VS2012 and skip the old stuff, it should not be a problem once you get all of the other issues resolved. In fact, load VS2015 if you can.

    Secondly, after you install all of these iterations, are you running windows update and loading all of the patches and Updates for these older versions? This is mandatory to get anything to work.

    Third, your web config is likely referencing some older dll that need to be commented out or updated. You can use the Nuget packet manager, I think is VS2013, and it will search your project and down load the newest.

    This should get you much closer, post back with answer to the above, and updated results. 

    Tuesday, June 27, 2017 2:14 PM