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  • How do I create a calendar for a seven day work week when it doesn't allow me to add times to Saturday and sunday when I copy the standard calendar?

    Also, how do I create new activity codes? For instance an activity code for "responsibility" and assign to all activities and and activity code for "milestones" that includes contract milestone numbers

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  • In Change Working Time, for the copied calendar click Work Weeks tab then the details button

    Here you can change working times and settings for each day of the week for all weeks.

    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book

    Saturday, June 14, 2014 4:46 AM
  • I tried that but it doesn't let me change the finish time.  I put in 8:00 a.m. and it auto fills a finish to 9:00 a.m.  I try to click in the finish time to change it and it will not allow me. I have it all set up for Monday through Friday 8-5 with an hour lunch.  I need to add Saturday and Sunday.  I highlight them and then try to enter the times but they only go in 1 hour increments. 

    Also, I need to add activity codes to the tasks.  Is there a way to do that and name them specifically?

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  • Hi,

    You can follow the article, Create a calendar for a task within Project: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project-help/create-a-calendar-for-a-task-within-project-HA010377765.aspx.

    Yes, by default when you enter the time in "FROM" section the time in "TO" will be updated with +1 hour from the time entered in "FROM". You can modify the time in the "TO" section to 12:00 and then update the next row to as 1:00 pm in FROM and 5:00 pm in TO.

    Cheers! Happy troubleshooting !!! Dinesh S. Rai - MSFT Enterprise Project Management

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    Saturday, June 14, 2014 1:44 PM
  • Chrissyann,

    It looks like neither Rod nor Dinesh answered your question about activity codes. First of all, which version of Project are you using and do you have the latest service pack installed?

    What exactly do you mean by "activity code"? Project already has a WBS field and there is a set of custom Ouline Code fields (Outline Code1 through Outline Code 10). In addition, there are multiple extra number fields, (Number1 through Number20), and text fields, (Text1 through Text30), that can be used.


    Saturday, June 14, 2014 2:51 PM
  • John,

    The client is asking for activity codes.  I assigned CDRL numbers to corresponding activities in the schedule.  Their comment is "adding activity code for responsibility is  helpful in managing the project.  Recommendations is to create a new activity code for "Responsibility" and assign it to all activities.  shall create a new activity code for "milestones" that includes Contract milestone number if applicable"

    Thank you


    Saturday, June 14, 2014 11:34 PM
  • Christine,

    Okay, I can see where certain tasks will feed into preparation of data for each CDRL but I don't quite understand the statement about activity codes. The "responsibility" doesn't sound like an activity code but rather the name of a person who is responsible, (i.e. accountable), for each task or groups of tasks. That's fine, you can use a text field for that info. In our case, that person was called the Cost Account Manager, (i.e. CAM), and he/she was responsible for their part of the project (e.g. electrical design). Of course, ultimately the Program Manager is responsible.

    The part that is confusing me is the use of the word "code". Normally I think of a code as an alphanumeric designator like a WBS. What is the purpose of the "code"? Does your contract have numbered contract milestones? If so, then a text field can be used for that designator.

    If the above still doesn't give you what you need, then if you could give us an example of tasks with an "activity code", we would be better able to help you. If you are simply reading something from your contract Statement of Work, (and sometimes those can be very nebulous), then perhaps you should ask your customer for a more thorough explanation of what they want and why. Then we can figure it out.


    Sunday, June 15, 2014 2:36 AM
  • Thank you for the response.

    We have a project breakdown as follows:

    1.  site survey review contract drawings

    2. final design review

    3. Approavel of Acceptance Test Procedure

    4. shop and working Drawings

    5. pre-installation test facility (30 day soak test)

    6. Prefabricate equipment cabinet/panels & Boxes

    7.  contractor installation activities

    8. field installation acceptance testing

    9. manuals update

    10. Training- conduct required training

    11. update drawing as built

    12.  final site review and acceptance

    13.  acceptance of the station

    14.  submittal for payment

    And the client is also asking for resource loading as well.

    Sunday, June 15, 2014 7:56 PM
  • Christine,

    Okay, that looks like some kind of summary of major program elements but what am I supposed to do with it? Items 2, 3, 12, 13 and 14 probably have some type of milestone associated with them.

    So, what's the question?

    With regard to resource loading, that is a natural fallout after you have laid out your full project and assigned resources, so that will be easy to provide.


    Sunday, June 15, 2014 8:26 PM
  • The question is how do I assign an activity code to those items?

    The client is asking for activity codes.  I assigned CDRL numbers to corresponding activities in the schedule.  Their comment is "adding activity code for responsibility is  helpful in managing the project.  Recommendations is to create a new activity code for "Responsibility" and assign it to all activities.  shall create a new activity code for "milestones" that includes Contract milestone number if applicable"

    Thank you


    Monday, June 16, 2014 8:17 AM
  • Christine,

    Sorry but we're just not on the same page. This is a repeat of the post you made on Saturday. I read it, twice now, and it doesn't explain what the "activity codes" are supposed to represent. It appears you are quoting something your client told you or has included in your contract, without any explanation as to what it really means. For example, "responsibility" is NOT an activity, at least not in the common definition of the word.

    Can you give me an example of some "activities"? From my viewpoint, one "activity" might be the design effort, another might be the test effort, another might be the business effort on the project, and so forth for all major elements. Therefore with this type of "activity" definitions all project tasks associated with the design effort will be identified with the design activity code, all tasks associated with the test effort will be identified with the test activity code and so forth. The activity code may be a number (i.e. "1" for design, "2" for test, etc.), a descriptive identifier (i.e. "Eng" for design, "Tst" for test, etc.), or a combination.

    I very much want to help you but without this type of information, I don't know how to help you.

    I'd like to ask you a few questions. They may be blunt but my intent is only to seek information that will allow me, or someone else who may jump in, to help you.

    How long have you been using Microsoft Project?

    Were you basically given this task and told to "go figure it out"?

    Have you, or your company, done work for this client before?

    And just for reference, what version of Project are you using?


    Monday, June 16, 2014 2:55 PM
  • I apologize. I am fairly new with MS Project. I am using 2010.

    here are the tasks:

       Station   Installation
             Installation Phase A - 2013/ 2014
             Westport   Light Rail Station
                Site   Activities Begin
                Site   Survey 
                     Conduct Site Survey
                 Final   Design Review - FDR
                     Obtain Master Control Interface documentation from Aralia
                     Develop Detailed Site Installation Plans 
                     Build FDR Package for Submittal to MTA 
                     Deliver Final Design Review Package to MTA
                   MTA   Review Site FDR Package
                   MTA   Approved Site FDR Package
                 Shop   and Working Drawings
                      Shop and Working Drawings (21 Day prior to Construction & 60 days   for AMTRAK sites)
                   MTA   Review and Approve Submittal
                CM   Documentation
                     Identify CM Documentation required for update
                     Update CM Documentation
                     Submit Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) 
                        Develop Acceptance Test Procedures
                        Deliver Acceptance Test Procedures to MTA for Approval
                        MTA Review Acceptance Test Procedures
                        MTA Approves Test Procedures
                      Pre-Installation Factory Acceptance Test (soak test 30 days)
                        Pre-Installation Acceptance Test (30 day soak test)
                        Develop Pre-Installation Test Reports
                        Deliver Test Report to MTA
                        Affix CSI Completion Tags & MTA ID Tag on Equipment
                Site   Installation Activities
                      Required Permits, Controls and Approvals
                         Obtain Permits / Establish Traffic Controls if Required / Establish   Safety Barriers & Controls if Required
                      Health and Safety Pre-Job Briefing
                         Verify Worker Protection Equipment
                         Pre-Job Briefing
                      Contractor Installation Activities
                         Perform Site Work 
                            Camera Pole Base / Cabinet Base Concrete Foundation Activities
                              Camera Pole(s) & Cabinet Base Foundation (Test Pit)
                              Installation of Camera Pole(s) Base & Cabinet Base Concrete   Foundation
                              Concrete Cure Period
                            Power and Communication Conduits/Junction Box and wiring Installation   (Camera / RC & WAN Cabinet)
                              Conduit & J-Box Installation Communication & Power
                               Power & Communication Wiring/Fiber Optic Cable Installation
                               Testing Cables / Labeling and Terminations for Power &   Communication
                            Equipment Hardware Installation Camera's and associated equipment and   devices , RC & WAN Cabinet 
                               Cabinet Installation (RC/WAN)
                               Install Camera Poles
                               Install Camera Hardware & Cameras
                               Camera Testing 
                              Drawing Update and Redlines
                               Aralia Final Integration and Testing Field Installation
                            Site Restoration
                               Restore and Remove LOTO Controls / Traffic Controls / Barriers
                               Complete Permits Used
                         Field Installation Acceptance Testing
                            Field Installation Acceptance Test
                            CSI Observation and Verification of Testing
                            MTA Observation and Verification of Testing
                      Update Drawing As Built
                         Compile Site Close Out Documentation
                           Prep and Package Site Close Out Documention
                           Deliver Site Close Out Documentation to MTA
                           MTA Review and Acceptance of Documents
                      Final Site Review and Acceptance
                         CSI PM & PE Review of Site Completion/Acceptance
                         CSI QA/QC Completion Review of Site Completion/Acceptance
                         MTA Final Site Reviews and Acceptance
                            MTA Review and Inspection of Site Completion
                         Acceptance Test Report (14 days after completion)
                            CSI Review of MTA Acceptance Test Report
                            Submittal to MTA
                  Milestone 7 MTA Acceptance of Westport Light Rail station 
                   Submittal to MTA For Payment
                30 DOT
    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 9:34 AM
  • Christine,

    Okay. . ., that looks like a high level outline of the program but unfortunately it doesn't help me answer your original question about activity codes and milestone codes. Twice you have posted what appears to be a quote from your client about adding activity codes but I have not yet seen any kind of explanation as to what your client thinks an "activity code" is and how it will be "helpful in managing the project".

    Please, please, provide information that will allow me, or anyone else, to help you. Ask your client for an explanation if you or no one else at your company knows what the activity code is.

    It pains me that we are just going around in circles.


    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 2:22 PM