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    I've recently downloaded the Application Verifier 3.4 standalone program to test our Web Application for Heaps, Locks and Handles. The first step is to add an application to monitor. Since it is a Web Application, I do not have any particular .exe or dlls that I can add. After some searching on the Web I found some documentation that leads me to believe I should add the following:







    Two questions:


    First question, since we are running our Web Application under IIS 6.0 is monitoring the aspnet_wp.exe going to do anything for me? Or should I be monitoring the w3wp.exe instead?


    Second question, it seems as though with the dllhost.exe (or at least I think this is the one that is causing it) in the list if I browse to our Web Application, perform a few tasks, leave it (without logging out), then go back about 15 minutes later, I get a cannot find server error message. I then have to restart IIS in order for the site to be available again. In the Web Server event viewer I'm getting the following error message:


    A process serving application pool 'Stage3AppPool' exceeded time limits during start up. The process id was '6048'.


    Stage3AppPool is the application pool that has been assigned to this particular Web Application (with Application Verifier turned off, I do not get the error shown above). Application Verifier documentation indicates that it will slow down the Web Application Response time, due to the testing overhead. Can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to how to stop the Application Pool ('Stage3AppPool') from timing out while monitoring the exe's listed above?


    Thanks, Calvin


    Tuesday, December 11, 2007 10:52 PM


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