Customize boot screen RRS feed

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  • I understand that Microsoft has provided the "Hide Boot Screens" package as an alternative to displaying the Windows logo and text on the boot screen. So, this provides 2 options for the boot screen:  1. Display standard Windows logo/text  2. Display blank screen. 

    However, both of these options have flaws for our product.  Option #1 doesn't work because we want to only display our brand logo and text.  Option #2 doesn't work because having a blank screen for several seconds while booting up is confusing and can cause our customers to think that the device is not working.  They might even hit the power button again which will actually turn off the device.

    What other options are available?  Has anyone come up with any good ideas?  I'm open to other ideas, but I can foresee 2 viable solutions:

    1. Customize the background, logo and text, etc. 
    2. Shorten the length of time the boot screen is displayed.  If we're forced to have a blank boot screen, at least in this solution the screen won't be blank for too long


    Friday, June 11, 2010 12:10 AM