Can the Window.PointsToScreenPixelsX method be used on multiple monitors with different display settings? RRS feed

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  • My company's Excel add-in needs to get the screen location of worksheet ranges. Historically, this has been quite easy using the Window.PointsToScreenPixelsX and Window.PointsToScreenPixelsY methods (see

    However, recent changes to Excel 2016 provide for different scaling on different monitors, so many of our users have multiple monitors with some set to 125% scaling and others set to 100% scaling.

    In these cases, then Window.PointsToScreenPixelsX method returns seemingly random numbers, which obviously aren't random but I can't figure out how they are managing the multiple monitors with differential scaling.

    For example, let's assume that on of our users has 3 monitors side-by-side as follows:

    1. 1920x1080, 125% Scaling (Primary)
    2. 1920x1080, 100% Scaling
    3. 1920x1080, 150% Scaling

    If they open Excel on their 3rd monitor, the Window.PointsToScreenPixelsX returns values that I cannot understand, and I cannot work our how they are being calculated.

    Originally I thought that the Window.PointsToScreenPixelsX and Window.PointsToScreenPixelsY methods would simply ignore scaling, but they do return different values when different scaling is used via Display Settings. So I'm not at a loss...

    Has anyone else fought this battle and either won it or found another way to get the screen coordinates of a range?

    Thanks, M.

    Friday, March 15, 2019 5:27 AM