NDIS driver indicate packets RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have modified a NIC driver in oredr to send and receive data over a serial interface rather than through the NIC. I am getting a Debug Check when I call NdisMEthIndicateReceive and NdisMEthIndicateReceiveComplete:

    DEBUGCHK failed in file c:\macallan\private\winceos\comm\ndis51\sys\efilter.c at line 1249

    I find the treatment of the AdapterHandle in the call stack curious.


    I have saved the AdapterHandle in the initialisation routine and all the other parameters look OK.


    837:          Test = pRxBits->MyAdapterHandle;
    0224549C    ldr         r3, [pc, #0xCC]
    022454A0    ldr         r3, [r3]
    022454A4    add         r3, r3, #4
    022454A8    ldr         r3, [r3]
    022454AC    str         r3, Test
    838:          NdisMEthIndicateReceive((NDIS_HANDLE)(Test),
    839:              (NDIS_HANDLE) &Context,
    840:              (void *) pBuffer,
    841:              (UINT) ETHERNET_HEADER_SIZE,
    842:              (void *) (pBuffer + ETHERNET_HEADER_SIZE),
    843:              TempRange - ETHERNET_HEADER_SIZE,
    844:              TempRange - ETHERNET_HEADER_SIZE);
    022454B0    ldrh        r3, TempRange
    022454B4    sub         r3, r3, #0xE
    022454B8    str         r3, [sp, #0xC]
    022454BC    ldrh        r3, TempRange
    022454C0    sub         r3, r3, #0xE
    022454C4    str         r3, [sp, #8]
    022454C8    ldr         r3, pBuffer
    022454CC    add         r3, r3, #0xE
    022454D0    str         r3, [sp, #4]
    022454D4    mov         r3, #0xE
    022454D8    str         r3, [sp]
    022454DC    ldr         r3, pBuffer
    022454E0    ldr         r2, pBuffer
    022454E4    add         r1, sp, #0x18
    022454E8    ldr         r0, Test
    022454EC    add         r0, r0, #0xF8
    022454F0    ldr         r0, [r0]
    022454F4    ldr         lr, Test
    022454F8    add         lr, lr, #0x82, 30
    022454FC    ldr         r4, [lr]
    02245500    mov         lr, pc
    02245504    bx          r4

    I have used the local variable 'Test' just to ensure the value of the stored variable is correct, which it is.


    Any help would be most welcome.




    Wednesday, August 22, 2007 1:01 PM