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    I need a suggestion from community.

    Additionally to the Web Platform Installer and WAG we'd like to contribute an administration interface for Helicon Zoo. The idea is to provide hosting administrators with the ability to manage web engines like edit/add/remove and provide some control over what technologies users are allowed to run. And we need to determine the correct location of these functions and implementation scenario. Sorry, but we are not familiar enough with WSP internal structure and logic.

    Normally Helicon Zoo Module is configured with applicationHost.config file on a server and can have web site level configurations. But it is up to WSP how to deliver this configurations to the end user. 

    Do you see it as some global list of web engines? Should it be configured on a server level or hosting plan level? How and where would you like to manage which technologies users are allowed to run? Should these settings be stored in the database and how they will come to applicationHost.config then?

    For example if we take current situation with PHP engines – how do you usually manage PHP on your hosting? Can you enable PHP in a hosting plan? Will it actually install PHP on a server with this plan? Can you then disable PHP for some user? What will it change in the server configuration? What if user will then manually call PHP handler from the web.config file? How do you manage multiple PHP installations (I mean technically)?

    Thank you for your support!

    Monday, July 30, 2012 8:16 PM


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