Passing a silverlight value from an asp.net page to another silverlight in different asp.net RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    After the trasnlating issue, I have another question here. I have tried to search online but still cannot find a solution for this one.

    I have created 2 asp.net page (aspx). Each asp.net page has their own silverlight.
    Which mean, I have:
    page1.aspx with silverlight1.xaml.
    page2.aspx with silverlight2.xaml.

    In silverlight1.xaml, there are 3 options: valueA, valueB and valueC.
    From these 3 options, I have chosen "valueA".
    Now, I need to pass this "valueA" to my silverlight2.xaml.
    Which mean, if "valueA" has been chosen, then in silverlight2.xaml, the "option1" has to be highlighted.
    else "option2" or "option3" will be highlighted based on the passing value from silverlight1.xaml.

    My question here is, how can I pass this value from this silverlight1.xaml in page1.aspx to the silverlight2.xaml in page2.aspx?
    I have found the solution on passing value from silverlight to silverlight, and passing value from asp.net to silverlight.
    but none of this work for me.

    May I know is this possible? How can I do it?


    Wednesday, April 29, 2009 12:49 AM


  •  Hi,

    You can  set  value of some hidden field from  Silverlight container  using javascript and can access that from your aspx page.

    So you will be setting that from  silverlight1.xaml. which page1.aspx cann access.

    When you will redirect page to page2.aspx you can pass that using QueryString or some other techniques from Page1.aspx to Page2.aspx.

    In PageLoad of Page2.aspx you can send that value as InitParameter to  silverlight2.xaml page and can access there.


    Wednesday, April 29, 2009 1:58 AM