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  • Hi Guru's

    Strange issue. I have a single Sync Group - with 3 Windows Server 2016 servers (Agent 9.1).

    Two servers appear to be syncing ok. One has ONLY synced the folder structure and NOT the actual files (xls, doc, jpg etc). Odd!

    Have restarted "C:\Program Files\Azure\StorageSyncAgent\FileSyncSvc.exe" aka Storage Sync Agent - no luck.

    Any ideas? 

    Most recent EVENT 9102:

    Replica Sync session completed.
    ServerEndpointName: REDACTED, ReplicaName: [<GenericShareReplica>], PlatformFlags: 0, SyncGroupName: syncgrp1.
    SyncScenario: RegularSync, SyncDirection: Download, IsReconcile: false, SyncSessionGhostPolicyFlags: 0.
    HResult: 0, DurationSeconds: 46, CorrelationId: REDACTED.
    SyncFileCount: 0, SyncDirectoryCount: 165, SyncTombstoneCount: 165, SyncSizeBytes: 0.
    AppliedFileCount: 0, AppliedDirCount: 330, AppliedTombstoneCount 0, AppliedSizeBytes: 0.
    NamespaceFileCount: 909409, NamespaceDirCount: 699775, NamespaceTombstoneCount: 551146, NamespaceSizeBytes: 430468473759.
    PerItemErrorCount: 0, BatchCount: 1.
    SyncKnowledgeVectorCount: 164769, SyncKnowledgeSizeBytes: 4614353, ForgottenKnowledgeSizeBytes: 0.
    DataTransfer: 0 MBps, Throughput: 0 MBps.
    PutSyncKnowledgeDuration: 2874 ms, GetChangeBatchDuration: 0 ms, DownloadSyncBatchDataDuration: 0 ms.
    PrepareSyncBatchDataDuration: 0 ms, UploadSyncBatchDataDuration: 0 ms, PutChangeBatchDuration: 0 ms.
    OtherOperationsDuration: 43548 ms.
    TransferredFiles: 0, TransferredBytes: 0, FailedToTransferFiles: 0, FailedToTransferBytes: 0, FilesFoundInSeededShare: 0, BytesFoundInSeededShare: 0.
    IsAbandonedStagingAreaMeasured: true, AbandonedStagingAreaSize: 0.
    TransferredModifiedGhostedFiles: 0, PartiallyTransferredFiles: 0, TotalGhostBatchCreationTimeMs: 0 ms, TotalGhostBatchFileCount: 0.
    WaitingForPutChangeBatchDuration: 0 ms, LastPutChangeBatchDuration: 0 ms.
    UploadPersistentErrors: 0, DownloadPersistentErrors: 0. FilesTransferedAcrossSessions: 0. IsDataIngestionMode: unknown.

    Most recent EVENT 9301:

    GetNextJob completed with status: 0

    Thx K

    Thursday, April 30, 2020 7:47 PM


  • Kazza87 ! Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding here and any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

    You can check the health of sync for a sever endpoint by reviewing the Microsoft-FileSync-Agent/Telemetry event log on the server. Event ID 9302 will show the current sync progress; Event ID 9102 will be logged once the sync session completes.

    If the HResult for a sync session is -2147023673 (0x800704C7), this means the sync session was interrupted by another operation on the server. You can ignore this error as long as sync resumes and is making progress (verify Event ID 9302 is occasionally logged and AppliedItemCount is >0).

    If the HResult for a sync session is -2134375904 (0x80c80220), this means the sync database encountered an I/O error. If sync sessions continually fail with this error, I suspect an issue with the sync database or a storage issue (review the system event log to see if any storage errors are logged).

    View registered server health, server endpoint health, and metrics, go to the Storage Sync Service in the Azure portal. You can view registered server health in the Registered servers blade and server endpoint health in the Sync groups blade.

    Registered server health

    • If the Registered server state is Online, the server is successfully communicating with the service.
    • If the Registered server state is Appears Offline, verify that the Storage Sync Monitor (AzureStorageSyncMonitor.exe) process on the server is running. If the server is behind a firewall or proxy, see this article to configure the firewall and proxy.

    Server endpoint health

    • The server endpoint health in the portal is based on the sync events that are logged in the Telemetry event log on the server (ID 9102 and 9302). If a sync session fails because of a transient error, such as error canceled, sync might still appear healthy in the portal as long as the current sync session is making progress. Event ID 9302 is used to determine if files are being applied. For more information, see sync health and sync progress.
    • If the portal shows a sync error because sync is not making progress, see the troubleshooting documentation for guidance.

    Based on the Event ID please refer to this article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-sync-files-monitoring 

    Hope this helps! 

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    Tuesday, May 5, 2020 3:00 PM