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  • I am attempting to get the outlook task list to function as a workflow and document/action tracker.  So far, I have created a custom view with custom fields.  I now have made the custom view available to all co-workers the task list folder is shared with. 

    Here are the problems that I have come across:

    1. When co-workers try to update the information they can not fill columns from the custom view which therefore means they cannot update anything due to the fact that almost all the fields are custom.

    2. My permissions do not allow me to customize the default task form which does not include any of my custom fields.

    What I am trying to do:

    1. I am thinking that the reason for problem one has to do with the permissions I gave when sharing the task list folder.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

    2. When I open the default task list form in design mode it does not allow me to update the first tab.  However, I can customize the tabs labeled "p2", "p3", etc. Is there a way to create a custom form and then make it the default form for just the folder in question?

    I know there are better programs to use for this and my company has them however permissions and speed are a huge problem.  My company sacrifices efficiency over security.

    Thanks for the help.
    Saturday, July 2, 2016 1:10 AM

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