Windows Mobile 10 SMS Backup and Restore

    General discussion

  • So let's say there's a developer that writes a mechanism to backup and restore text messages on mobile phones from a particular big name company.

    They put a setting on the phone to select for sms message backup that the Customer can use.

    Once selected, the backup occurs at some indeterminate time without any indication to the Customer of success or failure.

    When the Customer gets a new phone from the same big name company, the setup process involves signing in with a username and password and once verified, all settings and apps are transferred to the new phone... but not the SMS messages.

    When the Customer checks online as to why their text messages are not on the new phone, they find the big name company forums describing that the restore process may or may not occur in future at an indeterminate time and that they should just wait for it to happen.

    My question is... why hasn't the developer and the development team responsible for such a half-arsed backup and restore mechanism been taken behind a wall and shot?

    Monday, April 4, 2016 6:45 PM