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    We are using wince6.0 R3 on IMX51 and Freescale BSP. We are using Micron 128MB NAND flash.  System has single FAT file system partition. System hangs after 100 cycles of re-boot due to ECC error in the file system area. OS doesnt comeup as Filesystem load fails due to uncorrectible ECC error in FMD_readSector(). It doesnt mark the block as BAD and proceed further with startup or block is not marked as BAD while writing. I am wondering why no action is taken when ECC is detected during write? or why it fails to detect ECC during write as block is not marked as bad ? New copy of FAT table is written  after every system re-boot though there is no change in application data. Is it triggered by write to filesystem area by OS? Size of FAT table is 6144 bytes. If I repeat the test for 125 cycles, 1MB of flash is getting filled up with FAT table including redundant copy. [ it writes two copies of FAT table after every re-boot]. Why FAT file system is not attempting to erase and  write the contents again in a new block if uncorrectible ECC is detected in some of the pages? What can be done to avoid such NAND writes to avoid ECC problems? Please help.


    Shivarama Bhat

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012 5:21 AM