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  •  This is my code block. but I have a small problem.

    IList<FrameworkElement> tControls = pControls.Cast<FrameworkElement>().ToList();

                    switch (tControls)
                        case "uc_AndOperator": // wrong part?? 

                               var uc_AndOperator = tControls.OfType<UcAndOperator>();
                                foreach (UcAndOperator tItem in uc_AndOperator)


    tControls is a List. This List is holding User Controls. I want to if my UserControl type equal to case condition and run my function.

    This is my UserControls Types.

      I get this error. How can equal my case condition to frameworkElement.              

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  • I think that you can use the uc_AndOperator variable and the foreach loop without switch. Use other types in OfType<…> to extract other controls.

    If you want to identify each type inside a loop, then consider this modern form of switch:

    foreach( var fe in tControls)


       switch( fe)


       case UcButtonType button:

             // process button . . .


       case UcAndOperator andOperator:

             // process And operator:





    Wednesday, June 12, 2019 2:42 PM