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    I'm currently backing up our MOSS/MOPS enviroment with SQL and through a script using stsadm, both are full backups.


    The problem with Stsadm is that the Project restores never work, usually everything else does fine though.  After failure of restore, if I check the PWA site, it has the unexpected error.  My restore was of a out of the box MOSS/MOPS inital setup, no customization at all.


    When using SQL I can get my Project content back sometimes, othertimes the PWA sites will have the unexpected error problem as well.  The other problem I ran into with SQL was if I wanted to move the backups to a test enviro or if I had my project server site crash and I had to create a new one, all the data to the project sites were the old addresses. So if there is any information in the project workspace I lose it unless I restored my WSS Contect DB and the Project DB's back to the same point in time.


    Everything I read says the GUI Backup in central Admin should work with just a few clicks, I haven't had it work at all on way too many tries.  I'm currently demoing AvePoint but I really don't want to spend $3k on it let alone try to sell it to the Upper Mgmt.


    Is there a site out there with common problems of the SharePoint GUI backup?  I've reinstalled it way too many times on our production server as it seems any software change on the server breaks sharepoint.

    Monday, June 30, 2008 7:25 PM

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    Post Project Server 2007 questions to the microsoft.public.project.server newsgroup and you will probably get a reply (and quicker).
    Saturday, August 2, 2008 7:17 PM