Property Owner is not available for Database RRS feed

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    I have an 2 servers, with an 2005 instance on each. there are 5 databases on Server A that are log-shipped to Server B.

    There seems to be an issue with 1 of the databases on server B where I cannot right-click > Properties - I get the following error:


    I can view the properties on all the other databases on both servers. Im guessing that this means there is a null value in the owner field for some reason. So I want to run the following code:

    EXEC dbo.sp_changedbowner @loginame = N'MyLogin', @map = false


    But because it is the target database in a log shipping operation, It is read only. Is it possible to bring the database online so I can run this code?

    Has anyone encountered this before?






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  • The right way to get around this would be to restore the last and latest logfile from server A with RECOVERY on server B and get the database B online. Then set your owner on database B and then again initiate your LS specifiying a copy of database is already available in server B.
    Thanks, Leks
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