Connecting to IMS Databases on Mainframe from Biztalk RRS feed

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    I have all data residing on IBM Mainframe IMS Databases. I need to get relevant data the user requests for from IMS and route it through Biztalk and finally submit it to sharepoint. Both online and batch processing needs to be supported. So as a part of getting data from IMS which adapter is better one? I am thinking of using Biztalk Adapter for Host applications. If this is the right one then I am not sure of what information I need to get from mainframe personnel to successfully be able to get the data.  Can anyone please let me know like what all information I need to get from the mainframe administrator/personnel. What all I figured out is the information that I need to create a remote environment like host ip address,port number as such..Other than that I am sure I need lot more information like while importing host definition as such but not clear on it. Anyone who worked on it might have a better idea with what information is exactly required from them.





    Friday, December 17, 2010 6:01 AM


  • Hi Anusha,

    What I remember from days I was integrating with DB2 on IBM is using BizTalk Adapter for Host Systems was host ip address, port and so on, but also that you need appropiate authorization on those systems to be able to extract/insert data. It is important to interact (i.e. communicate) with mainframe professionals, cause they will need to know what you are doing, so they can arrange appropiate level of authorization, ect on their systems. Involving them is vital for success.



    Steef-Jan Wiggers
    MVP & MCTS BizTalk Server
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    Friday, December 17, 2010 8:49 AM