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  • What determines which monitor a program opens on?

    Sometimes I can open windows on my big monitor using the Taskbar on that monitor but more often it seems they always open on my Tablet (now my primary display in order to use the Start Screen more effectively with Touch) so I have to use Win-Shift-CursorLeft to throw them over.   Also when I throw them over they aren't in a very useful position and have to be moved some more.  

    How can I control this better?  I have tried the usual voodoo of closing the window by holding down a Ctrl- key in the hope that it preserves its position for the next time it opens.  

    I'm not sure but I think W7 is doing this better.   I have W7 set up the same way but of course it does not have an extended Taskbar.  

    OTOH I thought it was working better on W8 than I have now decided it is not so I'm wondering if something has changed that I need to be aware of and could use manually.  

    The program that I use the most and therefore have the most problem with in this regard is IE but I think it is a problem with Windows, not just IE.   That's why my question is general and not app specific.



    Monday, November 21, 2011 4:01 PM