For LOB compliance How to change about page back groud color settings


  • I downloaded LOB compliance nugget windows sdk.10 for about and support and privacy but I need different way. 

    LOB compliance nuget for windows8(not 8.1) app store. I need do two things.

    1.In settings  only I want show all about, Permissions ,support, privacy and etc...but currently it show about and permissions only.[Refer Image1]

    2.I want to change about page back ground colour as well I need add some information.[Refer Image2] Currently it is showing white back ground.

    and when u click settings it is showing like this.


    Image 2:

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 10:34 AM


  • If you need help with that package you should ask the package's developers. There should be contact information on the package's nuget page. 

    If you want to implement the yourself see Quickstart: Add app settings . The SettingsFlyout class is new for Windows 8.1 but section 3 on adding commands to the settings pane applies to Windows 8. There are several 3rd party implementations of SettingsFlyout that can work on Windows 8 in addition to your LOB package.

    The colors in your screenshots match the Windows guidelines. The settings pane itself is outside of the app's control and will show in the system color. Flyouts shown from the pane are supposed to be white with a header in the app's branding colour.



    Wednesday, September 17, 2014 2:07 PM