WHCK QosStorageInterop -problem to start this test RRS feed

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  • hi , im trying to run a test from the WHCK  - QosStorageInterop.

    and it always failes on the same stage - "Run NDISTest Client(no verifier)"

    QosStorageInteropTest::InitializeHelpers: Failed to Initialize Storage Traffic
    Bandwidth Monitor, ensure that 'Storage Connection Mode' hot-parameter is
    configured correctly

    i configuerd my 'Storage Connection Mode'  to ND

    can anyone help me understand what is the problem ?



    Monday, December 3, 2012 2:24 PM

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  • When firing QosStorageInterop test from HCK UI, ensure that the SMB share is in the same session as the HCK user and configured with Administrator privileges on the test machine. To accomplish this –

    • Login on the Test machine with HCK credentials - (one easy way to do this is to simply scheduled a test run, like CheckConnectivityTest, and let HCK log-on to the Test machine)
    • Open CMD prompt with Administrator privileges
    • Issue a command to locally mount a remote SMB share - net use <storage drive>  <remote SMB share path>  [/user:<user name> [password]]
    Monday, December 3, 2012 10:18 PM
  • hi,

    i did that, and it still doesn't work... 

    what else can i do ?



    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 10:34 AM
  • could you make sure you have all the latest QFE updates installed?

    if you already have or if installing the QFE dose not resolve the issue for you - you might want to file a support ticket and share the test log file.

    By the way - the share may go away each time the machine reboots because of a cross-credential share non-retention policy across reboots. so you will have to setup the share each time as long as the test is scheduled via HCK.

    Thursday, December 6, 2012 7:09 PM