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  • Hello,

    I have a problem with installing Embedded Compact 7. I use WinXP pro in a virtual machine from VMWare, german version. VS2008 german + SP1. First I downloaded WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe and started the installation, allowing to download all the files. The installation ended with the message 'Install got an error, installation failed'. No msi.log in my temp.

    So I got a DVD, but there the installer isn't able even to find the msi file.

    Do I need an english version of XP?

    Is the installation only possible under VirtualPC, not VMWare?

    Do I need an english VS2008 + SP1?


    I tried it several times. Even with an english VS. Reducing the installation to just the PlatformBuilder. First installing Platform Builder, Platform Builder Update and Common Files.

    Directly after downloading the 'Commen Files' the error message 'An error occured.....'. Between the download page and the error message page there is a small blinker, looks like a red sign, but it disappears to fast.

    I am administrator on that machine, registered the msi-logs, but there aren't any.


    Sorry, I cannot give more details.

    What is the best configuration, language and version, to get Embedded Compact 7 running.


    Many thanks for your help.

    Saturday, November 19, 2011 12:47 PM

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