program to go from an euclidean space to a five dimentional one but i need to be able to make big powers RRS feed

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  • so basically clasically weve been considering motion is real and the change of size of objects as they aproach its an illusion

    but i take it as motion its the illusion and change of size is real with which the 5 dimensions now are:

    x rotation y rotation z rotation size and time

    so i define an object of this space the apparent x size the apparent y size the apparent z size and the size we take as real

    on this way this is what would happen with a segment in a plane and how instead of using 4 coordenates you just use 3:

    on this way i did this program which converts a fourdimensional space to five dimentional and back:


    but the problem i found is that small basic is very limited when calculating big powers

    so maybe someone did a program to calculate powers with big numbers and addition with big numbers that would be so kind to let me use it?

    im considering going to ruby for this but id rather do this in small basic

    Saturday, December 31, 2016 2:07 AM

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