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    Microsoft Forms 2.0 ComboBox (AxMicrosoft.Vbe.Interop.Forms.AxComboBox)

    Use menú Choose Ítems (COM Components)


            N = AxComboBox.ListCount

            AxComboBox.ColumnCount = 2

            REM ColumnWidths = 100 pt;5 pt (In Properties)

            AxComboBox.AddItem("R1 Columna 1", 0)

                  AxComboBox.set_List(0, 1,"R1 Columna 2")

            AxComboBox.AddItem("R2 Columna 1", 1)

            AxComboBox.set_List(1, 1,"R2 Columna 2")

            AxComboBox.AddItem("R3 Columna 1", 2)

            AxComboBox.set_List(2, 1,"R3 Columna 2")

            ValCol = AxComboBox.get_Column(1, 2) REM ValCol  = "R3 Columna 2"



    Monday, March 26, 2018 3:36 AM

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