I want to start a form. If I use my pc to upload the Visual Web Site page onto a Server... RRS feed

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  • will I be able to keep up with my Questions? If I am the only user on the administrator...

    I want to incorporate a form of Questions about GateLogic and Integrated Circuits...

    using Visual Web Site. I want to create a form that allows the user to send questions regarding GateLogic or Integrated Circuits...If I use a MS Access DataBase can I use Unbound Datatypes, Because MS Access does not use Stored Procedures or Triggers withing its dataMining...Could I use MS Access then program all of my functionality inside my Visual Web Site, or do I have to use SQL to incorporate the Sites Form Usage?

    If I use Unbound Data Will I still be able to use the MS Access? What I am saying is does MS Access use Unbound Data? Or Do I need a stored procedure to incorporate my database into my Web Site?


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  • well once the data inside the program reaches a certain amount of space such as 2 GBytes, the database will do only one of two things. It will either write over the data sent from the client to the server inside the MS Access database, or it will just %$*&*&*&%4 not fit inside the software application. You must use SQL to store the information inside the server, but If you only have one TERABYTE of memory you better be careful with the SQL agent and Insert a call or an email function with SQL telling the owner of the server that he/she is about to run out of memory...Buy more Servers....
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