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  • Hi All,

    currently i joined new project and need to decide can we use biztalk or not in current project. I am biztalk developer n, our team has taken out 10 integration points for which they have committed client that they will be using BizTalk.  All this 10 integration points are not interacting with each other in any way.

    can you please help  me can we use biztalk or not for this integration points, if yes what will benefit and if not why not (i have note down 7 points for other i am sure we will not use biztalk)

    1.        SMS integration with existing types of providers

    The system will interface with the existing service providers (VALUEFIRST, TIVRE, ITFOLLOWS) with the following additional featurehere they are passing data from DB in xml format to service exposed by providers. no response in this case providers updating our db with status (if you ask me i can use wcf sql receive port and consume the service and will pass data to service)

    1.        Integration with Payment Gateways

    The system will interface with the existing service providers (BTBuyNet, PayPal, DigiSecure, WorldPay).

    3.  Integration with Filenet EDMS Application (XXX will use existing viewers provided by EDMS)

    --> in this case we need to pass scan files from x server to y server, at y server there is one folder hwere status of scan will upload and we need to get that from location and update same in our DB.

    4. Local Country/Mission Applications  

    send scan data from one location to other.

    5. import export

    there will be more than 200 different files we generate from different db's export that to some X location, from X location get the corresponding result files and update same in DB

    6. Reconciliation 

    this is similar to above import export functionality

    7. BRE integration

    i have created wcf service which will be consumed by .net application to execute rules. this is the only option i can see to execute rules remotly.



    Regards, Amit More

    Sunday, June 2, 2013 4:07 AM


  • Do not see easy choices/asnwers but try and give you food for thought.

    1. Multiple end-points, possible multiple applications using these endpoint also. BizTalk can help you expose a single service that can have the flexibility to choose between the various providers across different applications. The Update from the providers can also be routed through BizTalk. Benefits would be a single place (BAM) to track/trace all alerts, their status, etc.
    2. Payment Gateways - I think we covered this in an earlier note. The benefits of having a single service exposed that handles the complexity across multiple providers.
    3. Integrations with document management systems - IMHO this is not a good idea as this typically requires transmission of lots of binary (file streams) to & fro where there is very little value that BizTalk can add.
    4. File movement - there are better cheaper options to this than BizTalk, apart from having to passthrough binary data with very little or no vallue add.
    5. Data import and export - if this is for the purpose of populating a data warehouse then SSIS would give you a better option specially as this is a once a day activity.
    6. Reconciliation - same as above, the return leg is better handled through an ETL layer
    7. Yes encapsulating the rules as a service would provide remote invocation but the involvement of rules would depend on how many and what level of complexity. Use rules to reduce the coding complexity and not because it is cool. There is a certain amount of work required in changing and redeploying rules not to mention the outage time.


    Sunday, June 2, 2013 2:03 PM