how can I calculate cjk font single line spacing? RRS feed

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  • I asked several times about line spacing.

    I figured out latin font line spacing on this page (

    It says like below.

    Windows Metric OpenType Metric
    ascent usWinAscent
    descent usWinDescent
    internal leading usWinAscent + usWinDescent - unitsPerEm
    external leading MAX(0, LineGap - ((usWinAscent + usWinDescent) - (Ascender - Descender)))

    The suggested BTBD = ascent + descent + external leading

    Unfortunately, CJK fonts don't work.

    For example, "Malgun Gothic" font case

    ascent = 2229

    descent = 495

    linegap = 0

    BTBD = 2724

    It doesn't look MS Word.

    If it looks same like MS Word, BTBD should be 3520.

    How can I calculate the exact line height in this "Malgun Gothic" font?

    Which data should be combined and calculated?

    Thank you for reading my issue.

    Tuesday, August 2, 2016 4:44 AM

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