I really would like Clarification on how do to perform the steps in this post


  • Would this fix this?

    17182 TDSSN1 Client initialization failed with error 0x2,

    status code 0x1

    I know little about sql Which registry keys is he talking about?

    The only things running are windows internal Database and Sql Server Browser.

    If any other instance had the correct keys id copy them to my default mssql DB

    linking me to pages that have error codes but not my specific error are not helping me

    see post below. I cannot start my default sql instance or bkupexec instance, and therefore cannot fix backup exec 11d.

    can someone help? how do I create a new instance? what registry keys should i copy?

    I am lost I have no idea where to begin. see post I found below.

    It never fails... ask for help and the solution presents itself not too long after...

    Anyway, I found the solution... Since I couldn't get my default instance to start, I decided to install a named instance, hoping that the named instance's protocols might get the default instance's protocols jump started. Long shot, I know, but if it didn't work, at least I could still run my new named instance and get back to work.

    Once the named instance was installed, I tried the default instance but it still wouldn't start. Not wanting to give up, I looked in the registry where the network library keys were stored and after comparing the default instance's values to the named instance's values, I noticed that for some reason, my default instance's keys were all screwed up. There was no np, sm or tcp folder... just VIA. This would explain why I couldn't enable any of the protocols... there was nothing to read from (or to write to) the registry. So I copied the named instance's keys over to the default instance, made a few minor modifications and I was able to start my default instance.

    To Microsoft: In the configuration manager, when making any modifications to protocols or anything else, why not verify/prompt/replace the registry keys at that time?

    Please help. Step by step instructions if possible?
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  • It's a TDS (Tabular Data Stream, the protocol for transmitting data) error. Normally it indicates a setup error. See Error Messages of SQL Server 2005 Start Up Failure.

    Friday, December 20, 2013 2:12 PM
  • So is there any way to fix this without reinstalling sql?

    If not just tell me there isn't so I can show this post to my boss.

    I am not well versed in Sql so anything you would like me to try can you please explain step by step
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  • I am confused by your post.  Is this fixed by adding the registry keys?   Your post indicates you copied some registry keys and now the default instance starts.

    What you are describing seems to indicate someone deleted a bunch of registry keys.  This can happen by a corrupt registry.  However, it almost always is a result of someone running a "registry cleanup" process and mass deleting keys.

    If you are still having a problem, your best option is to reinstall.  There is no telling what else has been done to the system.

    Friday, December 20, 2013 2:54 PM
  • No I copied someone elses post to see if someone could explain which registry keys they copied because mimicking it might fix my problem. I am desperate to fix the problem to get my backup going.The person does not detail which keys. If it were me I would elaborate so someone else who sees the post might have a better chance of fixing their issue.

    Unfortunately I cannot find the original software or would have attempted a reinstall by now.

    This was handed off to me by someone who is no longer working for the campany so the only information I have is what i can figure out.

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  • Backup Exec comes with SQL Server Express.  You should be able to contact Symantec and have them help you reinstall or repair your installation.

    Friday, December 20, 2013 4:48 PM
  • We have an ancient version Backup Exec 11d so I doubt this is possible.

    How can I figure out whether SQL Server express is in the install files for backup exec or is downloadable from another location?

    Friday, December 20, 2013 4:56 PM
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  • Thank yo so much.

    Do you know if I need license keys to reinstall it?

    and if I do how can I obtain them off my non working sql server?

    Do you know if fully uninstalling Sql Server from my Server from add remove programs? will completely remove the corrupt databases and Services?
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