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  • Hi all!

    In PS2007 SP1 I was able to activate a 7 days grid in the 'Assignment Details' view, in this way:

    1. Click the My Tasks link in the Quick Launch menu.
    2. On the My Tasks page, click the Site Actions andselect the Edit Page item.
    3. In the My Tasks web part, click the Edit pick list and select the Modify Shared Web Part item.
    4. In the My Tasks sidepane on the right, expand the Project Web Access section.
    5. In the Project Web Access section of the sidepane, select the "Hours per day" option.
    6. In the My Tasks sidepane, click the OK button.
    7. Click the Exit Edit Mode button in the upper right corner of the My Tasks page.

    Users can put their time in this grid.

    There is something like that in Project Server 2010?

    thank you

    Friday, August 27, 2010 3:34 PM


  • Hi,

    in my systems this is the default view? However, your tracking method needs to be set to enter work per period or at least allow PMs to be able to enter timephased data. Currently I have no access to my server. But I think I can remember that I saw no timephase grid when I forced tracking method to %complete or actualwork/remaining work - but I am really not sure bout that! PS2010 has some more intelligence.

    What I can remember, that there is a button layout in section 'display' in the ribbon. There you can switch between timepahesd data, sheet and gantt chart. Perhaps that is set to sheet?


    Friday, August 27, 2010 5:12 PM