How do I set up automated and ci builds for Windows Store Applications? (Not using TFS) RRS feed

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  • I work for a mobile application development company, iOS and Android, and we're branching out to include Windows 8 and WinPhone 8.  We use subversion, (don't ask), and bamboo for source control and automated builds.

    We'll be targeting C#/XAML and JavaScript/HTML to start, (have an enterprise app in the store already), and we want to setup a build machine on Windows Server 2012. What do I need to install on the server to build? I don't want to install Visual Studio unless its necessary. Also, I thought I read that Windows Server installs without the GUI by default and I'm not sure how we'd install VS anyway.


    Monday, October 8, 2012 4:51 PM

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  • Maybe you don´t need the VS2012, but you need the MSbuild to compile the solution and you need all lybraries, simulador and so one.

    I played with CI with Jenkins, some months ago, but i my case i had the visual studio in the same machine, but i didn´t use it for the process.

    What i did:

    I created a msbuild file to add in jenkins job and it contains the steps:

    clean, init, compil, test and coverage and fxcop

    and i saw something about to call the simulator for run tests, but didn´t do nothing about it.

    I think you need to install or put the SDK inside your Windows Server buti think the sdk contains the visual studio.

    Sara Silva

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012 4:32 PM