Will support for Dynamic Volume installs be added in the future?


  • I see this as a problem for Microsoft and for myself...I recently purchased an HP laptop for the sole purpose of installing the Developer Preview and getting my feet wet in WinRT development. This laptop shipped with all Dynamic Volumes, none set up as basic...so I can't even create a basic volume off of this disk to install the Developer Preview on. This creates a problem for me, and for Microsoft since I have to either reformat my single drive laptop and start over (I've done this enough times (100's) to know it's just mindless and not worth it to me anymore), or install the Developer Preview into a virtual. This creates again, the following problems for myself and for the Windows Team

    A. Microsoft only gets the feedback from a virtual which isn't even their virtual software, not of me running the OS on the hardware, or close to the metal. Much less useful to the Windows Team, especially as they move to Beta, and RC.

    B. I don't get the same experience, and with the Beta, or even the RC I can't begin to run Windows 8 as my main machine and really provide Microsoft feedback, and myself learn WinRT for development, as well as Windows 8.

    C. By only being able to run in a virtual, it nixes me transitioning the Beta or RC as my main machine OS and havign the comfort of knowing the Windows 7 install is still untouched just in case. Thus again the Windows Team is losing valuable feedback for user habits, ergonomics, effiecency, and squashing any bugs or performance issues.

    Please let me know if this is going to be addressed, otherwise you will lose my usage feedback (the automatic feedback mostly), and that of many others who are in my same position. A developer with limited resources, who just blew money on a laptop for the specific purpose of developing on my own, only to find out I can't look to the future without running in a Virtual because the machine was set up as all Dynamic Volumes (And I don't have the patience, nor drive to reinstall everything from scratch on a new machine, or play around with a way to do it from a backup)

    Sunday, October 30, 2011 4:32 PM


  • Hi dkb1898, 

    I'm sorry for your experience trying to install Windows 8 on a dynamic disk. Know that we do take into consideration all feedback received through the feedback tool, this forum, and our many other outreach programs. Unfortunately, though, we cannot make forward-looking statements regarding the Windows product. This policy is in place for a number of reasons and I hope you can understand that even so, we do not take customer feedback lightly. 

    I have provided two unofficial workarounds in the other thread that might help you get started running Windows 8 natively on your hardware. Even if you choose to use Windows 8 in a VM, we will still value the feedback you provide since many customers do run Windows in virtual environments. The feedback tool can distinguish whether Windows is running on bare metal or in a VM. 

    Thanks so much for participating in the developer preview!


    Sunday, October 30, 2011 5:50 PM