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  • Dear all,

    I need to build a proof of concept application which will work as follow:

    - I have a big touch screen powered by a normal PC running W7 and a touch application simply displaying a wall of pictures.

    - I will have a small client application running under WinRt which should act as a kind of remote control of the other application .

    The POC that I need to build need to have following features :

    1. From the small WinRT client application , I will run the same wall of pictures as the other application, then when I select a picture on the WinRT app, I should send that information to Win7 application to select the same picture 
    2. Next if I zoom in/out the picture from WinRt, main application should reflect that gesture as well
    3. I could also imagine that If I write a note on the picture from WinRT app, the note gets also write at the same time on the main application

    As you can see the WinRT app will more work as a remote control of the main application.

    I am trying to think about the way to do the sending of touch information other the network to the other application. I was exploring WCF by having a server/client but then how to send touch input in order they gets reproduce in the other side of the wire ?

    Thanks for advise and ideas



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    Thursday, April 11, 2013 6:21 PM

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